Monday, 7 March 2011

paying it forward

I am a follower of the fishtailcottage@ she is is participating also in the paying it forward all you have to do is post a comment  the first 5 people to comment will get a little something from me then post on your blog about paying it forward 2011 and do the same its a great way to meet new fellow bloggers and view their blogs have a good week xox sherri

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almosttoparis said...

HELLO.......It's me you're favorite sister in-law,yup!!!i talked to Andie today, she's an extraordinary person that girl of your's....anyway she told me about you're blog,so here i am.Okay where did we leave off...ahhh 6 or more months ago. funny uh. Nice blog,lovely home. It was always you're way to make it homey. I have a blog too,almost to paris on blogger, and on Etsy,check it out sometime a new one in the works. Let's talk soon,enjoyed reading,God bless,love Deb