Friday, 18 February 2011

well its Fri and yaoo!!!!! i am planning to make a new door into our closet from inside our bedroom, at this moment, the door to the closet is in our bathroom that's how we can go into there I'm not likeing it at all so i cut the sheet rock and made a new opening my loving husband will frame out the door and were getting a new one so whatcha going to do this weekend any body out there, it seems lately I'm just talking to the wind no comments or even blog hopping i cant figure this out not sure if I'm going to keep this blogging up so sad that i feel this way but i kinds feel that its a click or something like that i hope that I'm wrong well well see xoxo sherri


Anonymous said...

I heard about your blog from a friend who knows how much I love everything "beachy". I've tried several times to read your blog, but I have got to tell you that the white print on the pale brown/tan background is almost impossible to read. I hope you'll reconsider your color scheme.

Leah - The Inside Story said...

Hi Sherri,

Thanks for commenting on my blog, I'm a bit late getting back to you, sorry. I hope you don't give up yet on your blog, it takes a while and I'm about to read your past entries. Hope you have a good week! Leahxx