Sunday, 24 June 2012

well its been along time since Ive done a post, just so busy at work having to work every weekend since march 1, but i done with all that weekend stuff and i now have every weekend off feels funny this was the first weekend to be home. We put a beautiful french  door in sure does make a difference . also getting my granite counter tops installed to day yippy cant wait weve been busy doing a lot of yard work to the beach house this spring into our summer todays rather a little warm but my garden sure does need the sun. I have been planting my garden in side of my flower beds as you see, we had 10 labrador puppies born march the 11th we sold all them but kepted one handsome yellow male we named him gabrielle he is so cute but he can fit the the slates our my white picket fence that sourrounds my garden area and my chicken coupe . The chickens dont mind him being so close but I cant keep any plants in there he seems to just want to dig them up, every time i put some thing in there he finds it and pow!!! its gone so finally figuring I wasnt gonna get my vegies started growing i incorporated them into my flowers heres a look at the tomatoes and the chilies plus I have starwberries and onions, zucinni cant wait for the zucinni to get growing Im going to give them some miricle grow to give them a boost.