Wednesday, 31 August 2011

were finished

well not exactly we did finish the living room laminate flooring but now moved on to the kitchen and repainted the walls in a beautiful grey it makes the cabinets that we painted a glossy white stand out bold and we removed a 5x5 ft section that just wasn't doing it for me it closed off our kitchen it was L shaped since this home wasn't designed by us when purchased it i had to live with it for a while until the Mr was talked into it opps i mean lovingly suggested how it really needs to go away, it looks smashing!!!!! i love it i will take pics this weekend and show it off to you all , now on to the stairs were i removed the dirty carpeting and a million of those staples and take strips man those really hurt if you step on one ouch so off i go to work xoxo sherri

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Ava said...

Cant wait to see your pictures. Sounds great ! Now following xx Ava