Friday, 19 November 2010

christmas in the air

well its feeling a little like Christmas in the beach house so we put up the Xmas tree its fake but still looks so real don't cha think , most all the decorations were re purposed from things around the house and left overs from past Xmas decorations its all the silvers and whites this year for me adding some spots of the red we have a great thrift store here in town and I'm a constant shopper there my grandchildren call it my favorite store ever which there right I've found so many great things such as a new pair of uggs for $ 10.00 that's right and a brand new pair of lucky jeans never worn for only $ 2.50 i sent them to my daughter in Calli she was so stoked they were her size 1 i don't think I've ever been that small and she has 2 kiddos I'm  so jealous but life goes on well back to Xmas decor Ive purchased most all my decor from the thrift store and re purposed and painted things don't cha love a bargain well id better get to posting some pics of the decor have a great weekend I'm on call @ the hospital its my weekend to work xoxo sherri 

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Janean said...

hope you had a good weekend. ya know i'm a HUGE, HUGE fan of white -- all the more at Christmas!!!

beautiful tree and decor.