Friday, 1 October 2010

our daughters

this has been a sad week for me, as my friend her daughter had a anyuorisim in her brain on tues after going to the gym she is only 31 yrs old married and has 4 beautiful kids i dont know what to say or do to comfort my friend and her family im at a loss what to do, this brings up so many issues with me loosing my mom at such a young age i dont know how to comforther with such a loss of her best friend and child my heart grieves for her i do know that she was a christian and her and her husband were going back to church she was a organ donor i pray that she can help another person with a new life she was beautiful, kind ,loving ,funny, serious ,smart, healthy, vibrant, sassy , good dancer, wonderful mother, daughter, friend, my heart goes with her and family her name was ERIKA, ERIKA YOU HAVE TOUCHED SO MANY PEOPLE LIVES WITH YOUR GIFTS LOVE SHERRI

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cityfarmer said...

I lost a dear dear friend Saturday to uterine cancer ... she was diagnosed in March and died at 58, Saturday in the arms of her husband of 37 years.

A touch, food, and doing things like cleaning and laundry is the vest way to show you care, because